Namaste 🙏

My name is Nissim and I currently run this website since February 2013. 

Nepalgo is a website dedicated to the Nepali language that offers free access to all lessons that range from beginner to advanced to help you learn Nepali. Thank you for visiting the site and I am glad to be your instructor!


Nepalgo comes from Nepal + 語 (go), the latter which means “language” in Japanese.


Nepali is a beautiful language, but it unfortunately lacks the necessary resources available online, so I decided to create Nepalgo to help interested learners learn this beautiful language.


I am a native speaker of Nepali, born and raised in Kathmandu. I am currently 23 years old and pursuing my undergraduate studies, so I might not always have time for this website :(. I can speak Nepali, English, Hindi and German.


You can reach me via commenting on the individual lesson, or by sending me an email listed below. I will try to reach as quickly as possible, but mind you that I have a busy schedule so it can take up many days to receive a reply. Ask is currently disabled due to clutter issues, but I hope to set up once again in a different form.


If you find an error, please contact me so I can correct it as fast as possible. My contact details are given at the end of this page. Additionally, you can provide valuable feedback here so I can improve this site.

If you wish to donate to help support this website, or just want to buy me my morning coffee, you can click here to donate.

If you want to share word, then feel free to share the website! The website can be shared via two possible URLs: nepalgo.de / nepalgo.wordpress.com

Earlier, this site was hosted on Tumblr with the link nepalgo.tumblr.com. Some old links may not work, but the content is always there!


Nepalgo actively makes use of works in the public domain, or whose copyright license enables reuse with modification. If any content (image, text etc.) featured in this website is found to be unknowingly infringing your copyright and you want it removed from the site, please contact me through my email listed below in contacts as soon as possible. This page was last modified on 26.AUG.2021.

All original works featured in this website (excluding content not originating from Nepalgo or the author, e.g. external content such as links) are all licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND unless otherwise mentioned. 


Facebook: Nepalgo 
Instagram: @nepalgo.de

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