Vocabulary: Western Loanwords

Nepali is full of loan words. Words such as ‘Radio’ are relatively new. Most words today are borrowed from Sanskrit. It is easy to guess a word’s meaning if it’s a loanword. But a note is that, English speakers might expect english words to sound, english. That’s not the case! You have say it with Nepali Accent! In western Loanwords, we look at loan words borrowed from Western Languages. Also, these are the spellings of the time when it was borrowed. So, modern spelling might be different now. Example, Doctor is actually spelt ‘Daak-ter’ in Nepali.


Radio: रेडियो (redio)

Coat: कोट (kot)

Doctor: डाक्टर (daaktar)

Motor: मोटर (motar)

School: स्कुल (skul)

Cancer: क्यान्सर (kyansar)

Bag: ब्याग (byaag)

Ticket: टिकट (tikat)

Cinema: सिनेमा (sinemaa)

Photo:  फोटो (photo)

Telephone: टेलिफोन (teliphon)  

Camera: क्यामेरा (kyamera)

Computer: कम्प्युटर (kampyutar)


Shirt: कमेज (kamej)

Flower Pot: गमला (gamalaa)

Coffee: कफी (kaphi)

Soap: साबुन (saabun)

Pickle: अचार (achaar)

Godown: गोदाम (godaam)

Curfew: कर्फ्यु (karphyu)

Key: चाबी (Chabi)

Towel: तौलिया (tauliya)


College: कलेज (kalej)

Police: पुलिस (pulis)

Engineer: इन्जिनियर (injiniyar) 

Tourist: टुरिस्ट (turist)


Calendar: क्यालेन्डर (kyalendar)

Quota: कोटा (kotaa)

Campus: क्याम्पस (kyampus)

Studio: स्टुडियो (studiyo)


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