Vocabulary: Terms Related With Death

For some reason the earlier lesson with the same name got deleted and I still don’t know how. So, this is just the same thing, intended to fill that ‘Dead’ link that had stayed for some pretty long time.


To Die = मर्नु (marnu)

To Die (euphemistic) = खस्नु (khasnu)/ बित्नु (bitnu)

For the end to come = काल आउनु (kaal aunu)

Death/Demise = मृत्यु (mrityu)

Corpse = लास (laas)

Death God = यमराज (yamaraaj)

Funeral = मलाम (malaam)

Mourner = मलामी (malaami)

Final Rites = अन्त्येष्टि (antyeshti)

Cremation Pyre = आर्यघाट (aaryaghat)

Graveyard = चिहान (chihan)

Soul = आत्मा (aatma)

Heaven = स्वर्ग (swarga)

Hell = नर्क (narka)

To kill = मार्नु (maarnu)


Here are some more specific words in Nepali:

दागबत्ती (dagbatti) = A rite where the son or the closest kin keeps a burning entity over the mouth of the mortal remain

वैतरणी (baitarani) = A mythological river filled with foul and disgusting things like Blood, Flesh, Pus etc. It is believed that this is the river one must cross after he/she dies. 

निर्वाण (nirvana) = Emancipation from the cycle of Rebirth

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