Vocabulary: Stationery Items

Lets see our stationery items . A note is that some of the words are loan words:

Pencil: सिसाकलम (sisaakalam) / पेन्सिल (pensil)

Pen: कलम (kalam)

Eraser: मेट्ने (metne)*

Marker: मार्कर (markar)

Sharpener: तिखार्ने (tikharne)**

Exercise Book/ Notebook/ Copy: कापी (kapi)

Book: किताब (kitab) / पुस्तक (pustak)

Scissors: कैँची (kaichi)

Glue: ग्लु (glu)

Paper: कागज (kaagaj)

File: फाईल (faail)

Ink: मसी (masi)

Brush: ब्रुस (brus)

Stapler: स्टेप्लर (steplar) 

*Literally means ‘Eraser’…wait a minute….

** Literally means ‘Sharpener’…oh right….

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