Vocabulary: Polysemous Words (Homonyms)

Polysemous Words are Equivocal Terms. An equivocal term is a word which sound the same and spell the same but have two or more than two different meanings. Such words are called अनेकार्थक शब्द (anekarthak sabda) in Nepali. For example, the word ‘Ring’ is a Equivocal Term, with two meanings ‘Ornament’ and ‘Phone Noise’.


कर (kar) 

  1. Tax
  2. Insistence      
  3. Hand    
  4. Elephant’s Trunk


हात (haat) 

  1. Hand    
  2. Role in something


कलम (kalam)

  1. Pen  
  2. Pruned Stalk    
  3. Line


कल (kala)

  1. Fight  
  2. Apparatus  
  3. Water Tap


खोटो (khoto)

  1. Defective Banknote  
  2. Tree Sap    
  3. Something with a mark


अर्थ (artha)

  1. Meaning  
  2. Riches  
  3. Reason


साल (saal)

  1. Year  
  2. Pine  
  3. Umbilical Cord


लाई (lai)

  1. A postposition  
  2. Aphid


चुक (chuk)

  1. A very sour additive made by boiling lemon juice    
  2. Violation


तान (taan)

  1. A form of the verb ‘to pull’  
  2. A singing quality    
  3. Fly Shuttle/ an apparatus used to weave


पर्दा (parda)

  1. Curtain    
  2. A verb form of ‘Parnu’  
  3. Veil; Net


दर (dar)

  1. Rate (cost)  
  2. Food eaten before Teej


टीका (tika)

  1. A thing worn on the forehead    
  2. The 10th Day of Dashain


पत्र (patra)

  1. Newspaper    
  2. Page  
  3. Leaf  
  4. Layer/ Coating


पुतली (putali)

  1. Butterfly      
  2. Pupil (eye)      
  3. Toy


हार (haar)

  1.  Defeat        
  2.  Garland  


साँचो (saacho)  

  1. Truth    
  2. Key 


तार (taar)

  1. Wire  
  2. A verb form of ‘To cross’  
  3. Telegram



साँचो (sacho)

Truth: सधै साँचो बोल्नु पर्छ (sadhai sacho bolnu parcha)

= We should always speak the truth.

Key: साँचो कहाँ छ ? (sacho kaha cha)

= Where is the key?


कर (kar)  

Tax : समान किन्दा कर लाग्छ (saman kinda kar laagcha)

Tax is applied in eveything we buy.

Insistence : यो काम गर्छु नि! कर लगाई राख्नु पर्दैन (yo kaam garchu ni! Kar lagai rakhnu pardaina)

= I will do it okay! No need to keep insisting!

Hand : करले काम गर्छ (kar le kaam garcha)

= The hand does the work.

Elephant’s Trunk: कर कति लामो छ! (kar kati laamo cha)

= The elephant’s trunk is so long!

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