Vocabulary: Personal Relations

Across time you will encounter people who you will develop relations with, either as a best friend, friend, loved one or as an enemy. People relations are really simple in Nepali. Sathi is also more common than mitra. Also, Nepali lacks girlfriend/ boyfriend/ best friend so I have written the closest possible translation.:

Relatives/ Kin = इष्टमित्र (istamitra)

Friendship = मित्रता (mitrataa)

Friend = साथी (sathi) / मित्र (mitra)

True Friend = असल मित्र (asal mitra)

Enemy = शत्रु (satru) / दुश्मन (dushman)

Good Friend = मिल्ने साथी (milne sathi)

Loved one (Romantic): प्रिये (priye)

Acquaintance = चिनेको (chineko)  [literally ‘familiar’]

Unfamiliar/ Stranger = नचिनेको (nachineko)

Thingamajig = फलानो (phalano)

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