Vocabulary: Objects In The Bedroom

Here are some common objects found in the Bedroom. Door, light bulbs, windows and curtains are found virtually in every room, but I’m including them in the Bedroom:

Bed = खाट (khat)

Chair = कुर्सी (kursi); मेच (mech)

Table = टेबुल (tebul)

Cupboard = दराज (daraj)

Blanket = सिरक (sirak)

Pillow = सिरानी (sirani)

Mattress = डसना (dasna); गद्दा (gadda)

Bedsheet = तन्ना (tanna)

Lights (light bulb) = बत्ती (batti)

Curtain = पर्दा (parda)

Mirror = ऐना (ainaa)

Door = ढोका (dhoka); दैलो (dailo)

Window = झ्याल (jhyal)

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