Vocabulary: Numbers (100+)

So far, we have learnt till hundred right? So what is beyond that? Someone said ‘what is one million’? Well, to start, Nepali follows a different type of counting. While others say ‘hundred thousands’ after ‘ten thousands’, we say ‘lakh’ after ‘ten thousands’. Also, the point of commas are different. The first three is spaced with a comma, then the rest is all two. For example, 10000000 is written with comma: 10,000,000 in the International system while in Nepal, you write the same like: 1,00,00,000.

100 = एक सय (eksai)

101 = एक सय एक (eksaiek)

105 = एक सय पाँच (eksaipach)

110 = एक सय दश (eksaidash)

111 = एक सय एघार (eksaieghara)

200 = दुइ सय (duisai)

500 = पाँच सय (pachsai)

1,000 = एक हजार (ekhajaar)

1,001 = एक हजार एक (ekhajaarek)

5,000 = पाँच हजार (pachhajaar)

10,000 = दश हजार (dashhajaar)

100,000 = एक लाख (eklakh)

500,000 = पाँच लाख (pachlakh)

1,000,000 = दश लाख (dashlakh)

5,000,000 = पचास लाख (pachaaslakh)

10,000,000 = एक करोड (ekkarod)

50,000,000 = पाँच करोड (pachkarod)

100,000,000 = दश करोड (dashkarod)

500,000,000 = पचास करोड (pachaaskarod)

1,000,000,000 = एक अरब (ekarab)

5,000,000,000 = पाँच अरब (pacharab)

10000000000 = दश अरब (dasharab)

Upto Karod (Crore) is all the number you need to know. After Arab comes ‘kharab’ but it is such a large amount, people barely even get to crore, let alone Arab or Kharab! 

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