Vocabulary: Environment

Let’s look in the Environment! Also, let’s look at the natural elements. Some of the components might overlap the other lesson (here).

Environment: वातावरण (watawaran)

Nature: प्रकृति (prakriti)

Rock: ढुंगा (dhunga)

Soil: माटो (maato)

Sand: बालुवा (baluwa)

Plants: बिरुवा (biruwa)

Land: जमिन (jamin)

Animals: जनावर (janawar)

Mountains: हिमाल (himal)

River: खोला (khola)

Hills: पहाड (pahad)

Valley: उपत्यका (upatyaka)

Sea: समुद्र (samudra)

Ocean: महासागर  (mahasaagar)

Water: पानी (panI)

Rain: वर्षा (barsha)*

Fire: आगो (aago)

Clouds: बादल (baadal)

Wood: काठ  (kaath)

Air/ Wind: हावा (hawa)

Storm: हुरी (huri)

Sky: आकाश  (aakash)

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