Vocabulary: Emotions

Are you feeling Angry? Happy? Sad? Let’s find out our emotions:

Happiness/ Happy: खुसी (khusi)

Sorrow/ Distress: दु:ख (dukha)

Sadness:निराशा (nirasha)

Anger: रिस (rish)

To be Angry: रिसाउनु (risaunu)

To Worry: चिन्ता गर्नु (chinta garnu)

Worry: चिन्ता (chintaa)

To feel pain: दुख्नु (dukhnu)

Happy (More like Peace): सुख(sukha)

Jealousy: ईर्ष्या (ishrya)

To be Shy: लजाउनु (lajaunu)

To be dishonored: बेइज्जत हुनु  (beijjat hunu)

Dishonor: बेइज्जत(beijjat)*

Honor: इज्जत (ijjat)

To be embarrassed: लाज लाग्नु (laaj lagnu)

Embarrassment: लाज (laaj)

To feel Lazy: अल्छी लाग्नु (alchi lagnu)

Laziness: अल्छीपना (alchipana)

To be frustrated: वाक्क हुनु (wakka hunu) or वाक्क लाग्नु (wakka laagnu)

To be disgusted: घिन लाग्नु (ghin lagnu)

Desire: चाहना (chaahanaa)

To hate: हेप्नु (hepnu)

To Love: माया गर्नु (maayaa garnu)

Love: माया (maya)

Hate:घृणा (ghrina)

To like: मन पर्नु (man parnu)**

To dislike: मन नपर्नु (man naparnu)

Wish; Hope: इच्छा (icchaa)

To be suprised: अच्चम हुनु (acchamma hunu)

To regret: पच्तौनु (pachtaunu)

*Beijjat is usually slurred to ‘bejat’. Beijjat can mean ‘Dishonour’, ‘Shame’ etc.

**’Maan Parnu’ is used to confess rather than ‘maya garnu’ because ‘maya’ is more related to mother’s love than lover’s love. So I love would rather be ‘Ma timilai man parauchu’ than ‘ma timi lai maya garchu’. But both are correct.

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