Vocabulary: Baby Words

Remember the first words a baby says? No? Then let’s learn words that a baby (or kid) tells until they are like, old enough to go to school. But if you say these words now, then expects laughter. But these words are important, because it tells us what they mean.

Such words are called ‘शिशु शब्द’ (shishu sabda) in Nepali.

पापा (papa) = Chappati/ Food

बुबु (bubu) = Milk *

टिकी (tiki) = Tika

गुजी (guji) = Ghost; Insect

चाचा (chacha) = Ornaments

नाना (nana) = Clothes

चिची (chichi) = Meat

बाँ (baa) = Cow (moo)

भौं भौं (bhau bhau) = Dog (bark bark)

आची (achi) = Excretion

सुरी (suri) = Cat

* In everyday language, ‘bubu’ means ‘Breasts’.

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