Poem: Bhangera Ra Bhangeri

This is a Grade 2 poem entitled ‘भँगेरा र भँगेरी’(Bhangera ra Bhangeri). It means ‘A (male) Sparrow and a (Female) Sparrow’. This poem was penned down by poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire. This poem has lots of environmental sounds in it. 


कुरा गर्छन् कसरी 

भँगेरा र भँगेरी ?

चुरचुर गर्छ भँगेरो 

चिरचिर गर्छे भँगेरी।

चारो चर्न हुन्न है

यताउति नहेरी 

यौटा आँखो तँ हेरी 

अर्को आँखो म हेरी।

टाप्पटिप्प कनिका 

तिपिहालौँ नटेरी 

चुर्र गर्छु म फेरि 

भुर्र उड्नू तँ फेरि।

जिल्ल पर्छ बिरालो 

हिस्स पर्छ बोहरी 

कति बाठो भँगेरो

कति बाठी भँगेरी।


Kura Garchan kasari

Bhangera ra Bhangeri?

Churchur Garcha bhangero

chirchir garche bhangeri

Charo charna hunna hai

yataautaa naheri

yauta akho ta heri

arko akho ma heri

Tappatippa Kanika

Tipihalau Nateri

Churra Garchu ma pheri

Bhurra udnu ta pheri

Jilla parcha biralo

Hissa parcha bohari

kati batho bhangero

kati bathi bhangeri


How do the (Male) sparrow

and (female) sparrow talk?

The (male) sparrow says charp charp

The (female) sparrow says chirp chirp 

Don’t feed on the grains until 

You look around yourself

You see (around) with one eye

I’ll see (around) with the one eye too

Pick up the small Rice grains

without obeying anyone! *tip tip*

I will chirp once more

And you fly away once more

The cat becomes surprised

The bird of prey becomes shocked

How clever the (male) sparrow is!

How clever the (female) sparrow is!


कुरा (kura): talk; gossip

भँगेरा (bhangera): House Sparrow

चुरचुर (churchur): The sound the male sparrow makes

चिरचिर (chirchir): The sound the female sparrow makes

चारो (charo): feed; food of birds like chicken; grains used as feed

टाप्पटीप्प (tappatippa): The sound made when you pick something 

कनिका (kanika): Small rice grains

नटेरी (nateri): without obeying

चुर्र (chura): a sound produced by birds

भुर्र (bhurra): the sound of wings flapping

जिल्ल (jilla): suprised; shocked

हिस्स (hissa): astonished; bewildered 

बोहरी (bohari): A bird of prey like an eagle

 बाठो (batho): clever

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